Bamboo Products

As the world’s fastest-growing plant, this exotic grass is both eco-friendly and is used in many industries to make quality products. There are over 1000 species. Some of the species of bamboo can grow up by a meter daily. 

This means that bamboo releases biomass and oxygen more than any other plant/grass on earth. Bamboo can grow up to 35 meters in 6 months. This basically means that bamboo has the ability to produce more raw material and usable wood than other trees like oak. It also absorbs carbon from pollution and purifies the atmosphere faster. New culm of bamboos shoot up in the mid-summer and can attain the height in less than 60 days. 

Bamboo products overview

Forest resources are pressured to meet up with never ending demand of growing population. Bamboo is one of the popular non-forest product. In India, it is also considered as ‘Poor man’s timber’. Bamboo has rised from that status and is one of the most demanded raw material for sustainable alternatives to many products. 

During the last 20 years, bamboo is viewed as exceptionally valuable raw material and a quality substitute to wood. Bamboo culm based products are hard and durable, that can easily replace wood for industrial and commercial applications. It greatly contributes to save and restore the world’s forests. It is used as primart construction material in many countries, especially in the rural regions. It can be used in any part of the housing.


This plant is originally native to the Himalayas but is cultivated in Asia and America. It grows in tropical regions and is present in areas from Sierra Leone to South Nigeria and other territories. 

This unique and exotic grass can literally grow anywhere! Even though it is growing well in tropical and sub-tropical regions, some of the species can also grow in the colder regions. There are nearly 1000 species of bamboo worldwide.

Bamboo in India

Bamboo is a part of everyday life, especially for the people living in the north-eastern states. It is also known as a poor person’s timber. In Tripura, bamboo is a part of the lifestyle. Bamboo is used for many purposes, from building houses and bridges to fish traps and weave baskets. There are so many things that can be made from Bamboo that is quite simple and even functional. The possibilities are endless with this multifaceted material!

Bamboo - The sustainable alternative for the planet

Bamboo is known to be an extremely eco-friendly material. 

  1. More oxygen for Earth 

Bamboo is observed to capture carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees. Since bamboo grows very fast, it can easily reduce the carbon dioxide level quickly and improve the oxygen levels in the air. 

  1. No chemicals required 

Bamboo is quite prolific in nature. It does not require chemicals or fertilizers for cultivation. This means that the soil on which the bamboos are cultivated is untouched by the chemicals. 

  1. Good for the soil 

When the Bamboo is completely harvested, the culm is cut from the ground level. The root remains intact to the ground that helps the soil to resist erosion. Interesting fact: Bamboo is planted on the riverbanks to soil erosion.

History of Bamboo in India

India has been a hub for traditional bamboo products. Ancient tribes of India have used to express creativity and art. It is also used to make useful items of daily use. 

This age-old art continues to be very popular and in-demand even today, as more and more people are looking for sustainable alternatives. The bamboos are generally crafted in cottage industries which is a backbone of unemployed, uneducated, and native artisans who are making this world a beautiful place with the bamboo craft. 

Indian Bamboo handicrafts are manufactured at really affordable cost, especially in the states that are naturally blessed with natural resources 

Assam, Kerala, Arunachal Pradesh, and West Bengal are known to have thousands of artisans who work in cottage industries for the production of popular bamboo products like ornaments, mats, baskets, boxes, etc. 

Bamboo - A superior material over plastics or wood

  1. Bamboo can be replaced by plastics for various reasons. Bamboos are more resistant to bacterial growth if treated properly. Plastics can release chemicals in the food that you eat, whereas bamboo not only looks beautiful but also very safe and chemical-free. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable, unlike plastics which can stay up in landfills and oceans for years. 
  2. Bamboo is also a lot better than wood. It does not require a lot of maintenance. The texture of the bamboo does not change, unlike the wooden substitutes which get rough after some months of usage. Because bamboo grows quickly and can be easily cultivated, it does not contribute to deforestation like any other ordinary wood product.

Using bamboo in everyday life

At any given point in time, bamboo is much more sustainable than plastics.

At Indisutras , you can find toothbrushes, boxes, books, and even cutlery made of bamboo. By choosing these products, you are choosing sustainability in your life with ease. 

With everyday products made of bamboo, like brushes and other utilities, we are not only being sustainable but also keeping toxic chemicals away from your life! With these products, you choose to take steps in the right direction and enjoy products that are durable, clean, and free from toxins. 

Bamboo products at Indisutras : Handcrafted with love

At Indisutras , all the products are made by local artisans. Today, to increase the demand for bamboo products, modern artisans and manufacturing units are getting creative with products, ranging from bamboo cutlery set to bamboo notebooks and straw sets that you can exclusively find on Indisutras .

We ensure that the quality of the bamboo products is maintained and our customers can utilize them completely. We ensure the long-term preservation of bamboo products by treating them with natural preservatives like neem leaves and saltwater, that are safe and impart long-term protection. These treatments protect the bamboo products against bacterial attack or degradation. 

Do you want to start a sustainable bamboo culm product business?

Indisutras is an e-commerce B2B store, offering indigenous and sustainable products. Indisutras follows fair trade practices that ensure sustainable and better-living conditions to the local artisans who put hard work and love into beautiful handcrafted bamboo products. We also adhere to UN sustainability goals to ensure sustainable community and product. Our bamboo products are very much durable and creatively crafted to promote more usage of bamboo in our daily lives.Go sustainable! Join hands with Indisutras. For business opportunity in bamboo culm products, contact us!