Neem wood products


Indian wood is quite famous in the wood industry. Neem has a distinct and special place in India. It is well known for its medical properties and it has a very deep spiritual significance according to ancient Hindu culture. 

The material value of its wood is enhanced and special because of its amazing properties. The neem wood comb is also known as special for many reasons. The neem wood combs are usually prepared by the artisans locally and are handcrafted. These combs help to control manly hair problems. It is also bio-degradable, helping to save the planet.


Neem tree has been around for almost 4,000 years and is a popular herb among Indians. The earliest documentation in the first millennium BC referred to Neem as “Sarva Roga Nivarini” (one that could cure all ailments) and mentions fruits, wood, and seeds having medicinal properties. 

The common name of neem is derived from Nimba. In terms of Botany, it is called Azadirachta indica, which means noble tree in Persian. 

The neem tree is one of the most versatile plants in the Indian subcontinent. Neem wood is an eco-friendly product because it is quite durable and organic. It also grows fast and is resistant to draughts or dry climates. Neem tree is native to India and is known to have medical properties. 

Neem tree thrives and grows in most of the soils and also does better in dry and poor soils. Its roots are also known to neutralize acidic soils.

Qualities of neem wood

  1. Reddish-brown hue: Neem tree is also known as Indian lilac and has heartwood that ranges from red to reddish-brown color. The appealing color looks beautiful on the furniture. 
  2. Durability: The particles in Neem wood are interlocked making it quite durable and strong. Because the grains are held together closely, it doesn’t crack very easily. The strength of this wood makes it perfect for cart axles and oars. 
  3. Ease to work through: The durability of the neem wood makes it easy to work with. You can get satisfactory results with machine processing or through hand tools. It is easier to craft it for fine toys. 
  4. Aromatic Properties: Neem wood has a mild aroma and gives the products a slight fragrance. This is why they are also used for paneling and ornamental ceiling decor. 
  5. Pest-proof: One of the significant characteristics is that Neem wood is resistant to pests. It is not affected by termites or wood borers. 

These properties make neem wood one of the most desired wood in India. The wood has natural antiseptic properties and has the advantage of anti-germicidal properties. 

Neem wood is relatively heavy and is a religious icon in India. The wood usually seasons well and because of its durability and strength, it is used in house construction.

How is neem good for your hair?

Neem contains Nimbin, an active ingredient, that is known to reduce and control inflammation and helps to treat scalp dermatitis, psoriasis, and another type of scalp problems. It is antifungal and disinfects the scalp. 

Neem also has fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E that helps to nourish and provide strength to the hair strands. With all the antioxidants and vitamin E, neem to regenerate skin cells and promote a healthy scalp. 

Why neem wood comb?

Our ancestors, the ayurvedic experts have sworn by the significance of using neem wood comb. 

  1. No static 

Usually, static electricity is produced when your hair rubs against plastic combs. This can cause your hair to be frizzy and damaged. A well-rounded and soft neem wood comb promotes the health of the hair. 

  1. Promotes hair growth 

The scalp has many blood vessels and provides nutrients that will help your hairs to grow. Combing the hair helps to stimulate the scalp from the movement and helps to improve blood circulation. 

  1. Helps to balance inner health 

According to ancient belief, the head is the root of all the internal energy. This is where energy gets good or bad, affecting the chakras and overall health. The head is the median of the body which maintains the balance of internal and external energies, leading to good health and protection against negative energies. 

  1. Nourishes hair 

The scalp produces natural oils which nourish the hair roots. But if this oil is not distributed to the scalp, it can make the hair dry and lifeless. Neem wood comb helps to evenly distribute the oil and nourishes the strands. 

Other products from neem wood

The neem wood is very durable and is resistant to any insect attacks, making it a perfect fit for the furniture. It has been used to make everything from furniture to decoratives. It is also used to make carved idols and agriculture tools. Once it is nicely scrubbed, it has a good polish on the surface. 

The bark of the neem tree has been used to tree malaria and jaundice and is often a sustainable and natural alternative for plastics and wood. 

Processing the neem wood: Making of Neem wood products

The barks of the mature neem trees are cut. Usually, fully developed tree barks are used which are resistant to moisture. The barks are briefly stored in water and are dried. The bark is not left to dry in high heat as it can split the wood. It is soaked again and machine cut. The pieces of wood are left to dry again. The wood pieces are then scrubbed with hands with the help of natural plant scrubbers to smooth the surface and get some extra shine!

The wood is then cut into different shapes and is processed to make different items from personal care to kitchenware and furniture. This wood is also termite-proof and anti-fungal, making it long more durable, and also perfect for construction. The hardness protects the surface from moisture and makes it easier to cut. 

Indisutras’ approach to making neem wood products is helpful to the community and traditional methodologies. We practice fair trade policies to ensure that our local artisans get paid fairly and live a sustainable living.