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Cotton Face Masks

Plastic Free  |  100% Natural  |  Eco Friendly  |  Made in India  |  Handmade   |  Zero Land Fill Solution  |  earth safe

Face Masks are digging in for the long haul. Be it the pandemic, contamination or concealing your self-satisfied face or aggravated response in the general population, face masks are a must and we don’t see a day sooner rather than later where we will not need them any longer. 

Inhale simple with our 100% natural cotton, reusable defensive twofold layer face mask with channel pocket. No pesticides or other destructive synthetic compounds were used for manufacturing. 

Our 100% diverse Cotton Face Mask channels fine matter from entering your nose or choosing your skin. The thick cotton texture secures you yet additionally makes it simple to inhale, warding off the dampness. The mask can be washed and reused making it more eco-friendly than single-use masks. Eco-friendly REUSABLE face masks made in BREATHABLE material which is perfect for the summer heat. Stay safe, stay elegant with reusable cotton face masks. Make a point to venture out with a face mask that ensures you and your local area are safe. – BUY NOW!

Humans behind the Creation

Indisutras work with micro women empowerment groups in proving small or alternate income to families . Groups normally train the women around the village and give them continuous mentoring to enhance their skills and also support them for livelhood.

Regional Importance

Indian being one of the largest grower of Cotton , spinning and weaving has been practiced and evolved for centuries . 

With the Gandhi’s spinning movement , the art has turned out  to be a great driving force for sustainable living in the country.

Regional Importance

Indian Bamboo handicrafts are manufactured at really affordable cost, especially in the states that are naturally blessed with natural resources Assam, Kerala, Arunachal Pradesh, and West Bengal are known to have thousands of artisans who work in cottage industries for the production of popular bamboo products like ornaments, mats, baskets, boxes, etc.