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Coconut Leaf Drinking Straws

 Bamboo | Plastic Free | 100% Natural  |  Eco Friendly  |  Made in India  |  Handmade  |  Renewal Materials  |  Zero Land  |  Fill Solution

Coconut Shell Straws are the need of the hour quite obviously and quite from a global point of view. Made from fallen down coconut leaves that might otherwise be burnt, emitting thick fumes, these straws do not contain any chemicals that can enter the body of the  end-user. The only side-effect they have is a good one; they will help the rural economy in palm rich-growing South Asian countries.

This product is suitable for both hot and cold beverages,they are very sturdy and remain intact in liquid for many hours without getting soggy. Our coconut leaf straws are certified by SGS for US FDA direct food contact norms

Humans behind the Creation

We work with Micro Farmers and women self help groups in south India in other to bring this product to life . 

This being an innovative products it requires a lot of training and up-skilling of farmer women who can work during their spare time to bring thin product to life .

Regional Importance

Coconut Leaf Straws are crafted in India are mostly from South Indian states where majorly coconut plants can be found in abundance.  States like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and coastal regions have lots of skilled artisans for making coconut products right from coconut shell bowls , cutlery etc . Products from the leaf is the latest invention , Leaves are traditionally used to decorate the housed during cultural events .

Regional Importance

Indian Bamboo handicrafts are manufactured at really affordable cost, especially in the states that are naturally blessed with natural resources Assam, Kerala, Arunachal Pradesh, and West Bengal are known to have thousands of artisans who work in cottage industries for the production of popular bamboo products like ornaments, mats, baskets, boxes, etc