Areca leaf products

Environment-friendly and sustainability are now a deciding factor in our purchases. Consumers have started choosing eco-friendly products for every aspect. 


Single-use disposable plastics are not only a problem on land but also a problem to the oceans and marine ecosystem. The effects of improper disposal of plastics in the environment are also quite evident. 

Areca leaf products are one of the most eco-friendly in the industry. The products are organic and 100% bio-degradable. Consumers are now choosing areca leaf products as it is an eco-friendly alternative over the regular plastic disposable plates. These products are most commonly used in Gatherings, and picnics for their simplicity. 


The best part about these products is that you don’t have to cut down the trees to get the raw material. The areca palm tree sheds a sheath that is connected to the leaf and the steam of the areca tree. The sheaths were initially considered agro-waste and were thrown away by farmers. It was later discovered that these can be used as raw materials for many products. So now the farmers usually collect the fallen areca sheath and send it to the leaf merchants. 

Reasons to use Areca Leaf Products

As consumers shift their preference to eco-friendly alternatives, products made from areca leaf are gaining more and more popularity. There is a growing demand for sustainable products worldwide, improving the market share of these traditional handicraft products. Here’s why – 

  1. Safe to use

The Areca Leaf products are very easy to handle as they are durable, intuitive, and sustainable. Unlike paper and plastic products, Areca products don’t distort from the temperature of the food or contents. The best part of these products is they stay intact all the time. 

  1. 100% biodegradable and chemical-free products 

All the areca products made are 100% natural. There are no chemicals or preservatives used in the manufacturing process. No wax, dyes, or toxins either. No extra coat is applied to the finished products. 

  1. Different and unique styles: The Areca Leaf products can be shaped in different styles and shapes. You can also get customized sizes according to the requirement. 
  2. Easy to transport: The Areca Leaf products are lightweight and durable. It is very easy to transport. The products don’t distort and are completely easy and sustainable to carry around. 
  3. A better alternative to paper and plastics: Areca leaf products are the best replacement for plastics. Plastics release harmful toxins that can affect the product quality and can be dangerous 
  4. Leakproof and hygienic: The Areca leaf products are economical and commercially valuable. These products are made from natural materials, cutting down the possibility of any odor and since they are naturally part of leaves, they are quite hygienic. These are leakproof and can hold the weight of contents in them. 

India is one of the leading producers of areca nuts and has a significant amount of plantations all over the country. These trees grow in high rainfall areas and require temperature ranging around 14-36 degrees Celsius  There are eight variations of Arecanut palm trees that are cultivated in India. The plantations can be commonly found in Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya, and Nagaland to name a few. 

Areca leaf products: From planning to process

At G, our products are set to meet international quality standards through a properly optimized manufacturing process with proper efficient conditions. Our local personnel are well-trained and have dedicated quality assurance systems. 

These sheaths are available is abundant in the South Indian region. These products were used from ancient times and Indisutras  is glad to bring the ancient sustainable tradition back in the market. We use innovative techniques to make these products popular again.

Areca palm plantations usually have around 2000 trees. Areca palm leaves along with sheaths naturally from the tree four to five times a day. They are harvested and on average, two to three pieces of sheaths are collected from one tree. The areca sheath falls after it dried down and is then collected from the farms and is then used to making products. 

After harvesting, the sheaths are properly dried as they can get mold or fungus due to the humidity. The average time required for drying up is 6 months. But to speed up this process. After the drying procedure, the sheaths are cleaned with water to remove dust. This is usually manually. In the process, the water makes the sheath moist, making it flexible for pressing. 

The sheath is then laid in machines and is pressed and is pressed into multiple shapes. These are usually customized to get the desired shape and size. They are heated with the help of an external energy source and are pressed with some amount of pressure to change the structure. A certain amount of moisture content needs to be present, otherwise, the sheath can break and cracks will appear on the product. 

Remember that no chemical or synthetic binders are used in the process of manufacturing these products. The plate does not release any chemicals or toxins in the food. 

Grading of the Areca Sheath products

After the areca sheath is carved out in the desired shape, the edges are then sanded to give it a smooth and lustrous finish, along with cleaning the surface. This process involves removing any dirt and dust from the finished products. The products are left to dry and are ensured that the products are free from any moisture content. These Areca leaf products can get decomposed in 2 or 3 months.

Purchase Areca leaf products with Indisutras

You can get these 100% organic and high-quality Areca Leaf products, made by our professional local craftsmen. We support fair trade policies and ensure a sustainable lifestyle and income for the local workers. Our goal is to create a link between innovation and traditional practices that are sustainable and beneficial for everyone.